Comfort beyond words

SOLOTEX®, a functional textile
material made by Teijin Frontier

In addition to possessing
many superb features,
its elegant texture
harmonizes with natural materials,
and has been appointed by
many famous apparel brands.

We introduce here
the seven elements of comfort.


A delightful texture
that will surpass
your imagination

Soft & Smooth

A soft SOLOTEX® blended knit has the silkiness and texture that outmatches Cashmere, the benchmark of high-quality material. It nicely blends with natural fibers, enhancing their properties without affecting their texture.


Resistant to wrinkling
and losing shape

Form Stability

Wrinkles and loss of form are considered as negatives in the world of fashion. SOLOTEX® has a unique spiral molecule structure similar to a spring that will amazingly suppress wrinkles and creases, that might occur as elbow and knee bulges, helping to retain a beautiful silhouette over a long period of time.


Stretches to
conform to the body

Comfortable Stretch

Commuting by bicycle, for example, becomes a comfortable experience while wearing a SOLOTEX® suit. It retains a beautiful silhouette and texture while being pleasant to wear allowing for free movement without constrictions.


Blends with
natural materials and
enhances their merits


SOLOTEX® mixes well with other fibers and vivid colors can be achieved. Because it can acclimate well with natural fibers while adding new sensibility and function, the high-grade finish is clearly distinct from fiber materials of the past.


Airy, supple, resilient


SOLOTEX® is astonishingly soft and has a supple resilience. It is resistant to ‘flattening’ and has excellent durability. Its uniquely airy texture is long-lasting so it is the perfect material for pillow fillings and coat insulation.


Achieves vivid,
high-grade deep tone colors

Deep & Rich Color

SOLOTEX® is a polyester and vivid, deep color tones can be achieved. Because it is resistant to color fading, many outdoor and fashion brands have adopted it.


A high percentage of plant-derived raw material is used in production out of consideration of the environment


Some of the polymers that form SOLOTEX® are from plant-derived raw material. As a result, we can cut back on consumption of limited resources and contribute to lowering greenhouse gases. This fiber is gentle to both people and the environment.