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Special Interview

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Times are now entering a new phase.
Old value is being eliminated and new one is being embraced.
What is necessary and what is unnecessary are sorted out, and new normal is defined.
In that context, how will fashion evolve in the future?

When TEIJIN which has woven its 100-year history and envisages the next 100 years
encounters creators who are in the front line of the industry,
what is new potential that we can see in design?


  • Yukari Negishi Yukari Negishi

    Yukari Negishi

    Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1977. Graduated from Fashion Styling Course, Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department of Bunka Fashion College.
    She engaged in sales, planning, buying, etc. at a select shop, followed by joining SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. in 2008, when RON HERMAN was launched.
    After working as a buyer, she assumed the office of Executive Officer of LITTLE LEAGUE COMPANY and RON HERMAN Business Division Director / RON HERMAN Women's Director in 2016.

  • Hirofumi Kurino Hirofumi Kurino

    Hirofumi Kurino

    Born in New York City, State of New York, USA in 1953.
    Entered SUZUYA.CO.LTD. at the time of graduation from university in 1977.
    Joined BEAMS Co., Ltd. in 1978, and held the positions as the managers of major shops, buyer, director, press agent and planning manager, followed by the establishment of UNITED ALLOWS LTD. in 1989.
    Recognized as an Honorable Fellow from Royal College of Art in 2004.
    Currently assumes the position of Senior Advisor for Creative Direction at UNITED ARROWS LTD.