Yukari Negishi

Yukari Negishi

Special Interview
2023.04.26 Wed

02. Time to face the essence of the issues increased during the Covid-19 pandemic


Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, all our shops were closed temporarily. I was afraid that the company might really go broke, but I could see the period of time differently because I had already learned a lot by the time. Specifically, I thought I would spend the time for organizing my thought about what actions we should take for environment issues and how. It took around a year and half to hold a seminar for our staff and hold up a promise. I sometimes became discouraged, but I could receive understanding from people around me, and came to get backing from them. I think that was how I could result in seeing the current state ideally.

Did you have any particular difficulties?


Our company has many sections, in which around 800 employees are working on completely different tasks. Even so, the company could not change unless each of those employees understood what they should do. It was very difficult to form consensus.



But many employees agreed with you, right?


At first, I was unsure of myself as to whether that initiative was really meaningful. But after I thought that I had no choice but to carry on, I became able to work on it in a positive way. As I was too obsessed with the initiative at that time, maybe employees around me might see me as an activist all of a sudden rather than a director (laughter). But now I think they could follow me because I had something like powerful momentum.

We see that many people in the apparel industry know the environmental burden of their business, but few of them have taken specific actions so seriously yet. In such circumstances, we feel that you take the initiative with a sense of responsibility. What motivates you?


It is a little embarrassing to express my passionate thought, but I have seriously engaged in clothing as my lifework. That’s why I did not want that to be a negative thing for the world. In addition, it was shortly after I had a baby, so one of the reasons that I took the initiative was an increasing sense of responsibility for the future.



As a result, it has borne fruit successfully.


Yes. In fact, I receive proposals from our shops now. I am very happy to see that our employees begin working on the issues on their own initiative, not because they are told to do so. I am glad that I started it.



RON HERMAN, which was born in the west coast of the United States, seems to be highly compatible with environmental issues.


As we stand for a lifestyle integrated with nature as our principle, staff members may have accepted the initiative naturally. In addition, our brand value had been already shared in essentials among them, which seems to have contributed to the success as well.



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Yukari NegishiYukari Negishi
Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1977. Graduated from Fashion Styling Course, Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department of Bunka Fashion College.
She engaged in sales, planning, buying, etc. at a select shop, followed by joining SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd. in 2008, when RON HERMAN was launched.
After working as a buyer, she assumed the office of Executive Officer of LITTLE LEAGUE COMPANY and RON HERMAN Business Division Director / RON HERMAN Women's Director in 2016.