2023.09.08 Fri

Why has 70-year-old Munsingwear, which enjoys broad support for modern functionality and design, selected SOLOTEX®?

Established in Minneapolis, the biggest city in Minnesota, USA, in 1886, Munsingwear is a brand loved by many golfers not only in the USA but also in Japan since it developed a knit polo shirt dedicated to golf in 1955.

Though recognized as a long-established golf apparel brand, the simple, yet sophisticated design and high functionality have been loved by many users not only for use in golf settings but for daily use in recent years.

Therefore, we asked Mr. Yuta Naradate of the Marketing Section of Descente Japan about the reason for adopting SOLOTEX® for more functionality, as well as their strategy for future growth.

Munsingwear is popular with a wide range of users from beginners to experts. What do you think is the reason for this?

Munsingwear has built trust by continuing to produce long-wearing, high-quality golf apparel for nearly 70 years. The company continues to produce apparel that is comfortable when playing golf as well as in daily life through updates that add modern functions and trends.

In addition, I think the penguin logo of Little Pete, which has a retro and nostalgic feel, may be a factor in the widespread popularity among seniors and new generations alike.


What functionality do you think golf apparel needs?

Golf is a more physical sport than one might think, so stretchiness is indispensable. Moreover, golfers usually spend many hours outdoors and are affected by changing weather conditions. Therefore, we carefully select materials that are impervious to light rain while considering coolness in summer and warmth in winter.


That is why you selected SOLOTEX®.

SOLOTEX® is a material that not only stretches but also offers great flexibility and is capable of adding many functions depending on the blended materials, including water repellency. In addition, the comfortably soft texture and stylish feel are also attractive. That is why we have continued to use the material since around 2016.


Now, please let us know the items that used SOLOTEX® for the fall-winter season of 2023.

This is a thin blouson that is very useful from the beginning of fall to winter. It is an item with a playful touch since the Little Pete is displayed discreetly as the logo printed on the back.

This blouson uses a water-repellent SOLOTEX® textile. Since it is lined with mesh, the blouson is resistant to rain and less likely to become wet with sweat. In addition, it is formed in three dimensions by the Motion 3DTM cutting, so it is easy to move in, which is also one of its features.


The outer vest is made of the same textile in basic beige and can be used as an accent for a coordinate because of the mesh part and the embroidered logo in a vivid color.

The pants shown here are said to be excellent because they are thin for ease of movement, warm, and water repellent.

The pants use a textile that combine the stretchiness of SOLOTEX® and the great water repellency of RECTAS®; in addition, Descente’s proprietary HEAT NAVI® functional fiber absorbs all wavelengths of sunlight for conversion into heat. So, the sensory temperature rises by 5 degrees despite the thinness of the material.


In addition, the pants are full of the functions that satisfy users, including a non-slip stripe on the back of the waist and pockets with a drainage opening. Available in chic burgundy red, black and gray, the pants are indispensable for playing golf in fall and winter.


In 2021, Penguin by Munsingwear was launched as a sub-brand, offering more casual wear.

The blouson and pants presented here feature a trendy, wide and loose silhouette and are designed for use in town.


As good casual wear for everyday use, as well as going to a driving range, the tasteful texture with a moderate shine achieved by the stretchy SOLOTEX® is also good.


How would you like to use SOLOTEX® in the future?

SOLOTEX® offers many variations, including stretchy or more durable variations blended with natural fibers as well as more functional variations, such as a material made from SOLOTEX® blended with RECTAS®.

Using highly flexible textiles, we would like to make polo shirts with high functionality despite the cotton-like feel and highly functional pants that are comfortable to wear.

With high functionality and durability despite the simple and tasteful texture, SOLOTEX® is an indispensable material for Munsingwear. We would be happy if customers use our apparel with such features for a long time with care.