2022.04.05 Tue

SOLOTEX® has entered the next phase as told by Mr. Hokuto Otaki of Edifice, and newly released items specially ordered to New Balance and Fred Perry

Edifice selected SOLOTEX® in a variety of different forms, including the pants specially ordered for Gramicci and items made of Marzotto with SOLOTEX. For the spring-summer season of 2022, they also used SOLOTEX® for items specially ordered for the unquestionable brands of New Balance and Fred Perry.


In this interview, we asked the buyer Hokuto Otaki to introduce and explain those items, as well as to explain the situation around SOLOTEX® about which he said, “It is entering the next phase.”

We know Edifice has adopted SOLOTEX® in different forms, and so we have picked up your company many times in this online content. Compared with the beginning of the use of SOLOTEX®, is there any change in the internal and external reputation of SOLOTEX, its use for your products, or other matters?


In the past, SOLOTEX® was selected with the intention that “It may be good to use SOLOTEX® for this jacket because we want to add stretchiness to the material.” Recently, however, the material has been selected naturally like cotton or polyester. At the same time, we feel that it has been increasingly gaining name recognition among customers.


Looking back on how you used SOLOTEX® in the past, a wide variety of uses were seen, including a very typical use of adding stretchiness to pants that were specially ordered for Gramicci, and on the other hand, the use of the fabric was made by blending SOLOTEX® with high quality wool for Marzotto, a prestigious brand in Italy.


I think the gateway to SOLOTEX® was its use as a highly stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabric. After that, in the course of using it in different ways, such as for jerseys and yarns for supporting knits, we thought that it was more useful or applicable than we had expected. SOLOTEX® is probably the first material that can be used in such a variety of different ways.


We know that the fabric for Fred Perry was proposed by you, Mr. Otaki, who asked how it was possible to make fabric like that using SOLOTEX®.


We carried out projects for various items as special orders for Fred Perry before, and we felt we did everything for the silhouettes. Therefore, we thought about creating an original fabric and sought advice on creating a kersey fabric characterized by three-dimensional ribs and tasteful texture. For the development, Fred Perry, Teijin Frontier, and Edifice collaborated jointly.


We know that the project was very popular and has entered its third season this time. The fabric has been improved on a yearly basis.


The fashion in 2020, when the project started, featured T-shirts and others that offered a sense of firmness, so we produced them a little thicker. For this year, however, we thought that soft-textured fabrics might be a trend; therefore, we made the items thinner and softer. We honestly asked the persons in charge of the development, “Can you create fabric like this?” We then we adjusted the fabric.


The weaves of necks and hems are very nice and look very sophisticated.


Despite the tight silhouette inspired by knit polo shirts, I think you can feel them dry, which would match Japan’s climate. In addition, we also offer T-shirts with a bicolor neck, and both types are available in five colors, including the trend for dark colors. With an elegant shine, they are probably useful as casual coordinates for adults.


For MET24, which is the apparel line of New Balance, you ordered navy items typical of Edifice. They also use SOLOTEX®.


We ordered a tailored lineup for MET24 based on the concept that customers can select a coordinate from the combinations of five types of outerwear with five types of pants. Along with the beautiful feel of SOLOTEX®, the material is easy to move around in and wrinkle resistant, which is also an appealing point. Edifice began to handle the line in the fall-winter season of 2021, and specially ordered this color for the spring-summer season of 2022. Fortunately, this lineup is selling very well.


The navy color is very nice. What combination do many customers buy?


An atmospheric color was created combining the typical New Balance gray and Edifice navy. Purchasers who consider coordinates for business often select the combination of a single jacket and slim-tapered pants. The combination of a coach jacket and wide-fit pants, which offers a street-casual feel, is popular, too. Since MET24 is also based on the concept of complementing New Balance shoes in the most beautiful way, we offer their shoes in combination with the coordinates of the lineup at shops and online.


Edifice use SOLOTEX® for many different items. Do you have any hopes for the development of SOLOTEX® in the future?


I think it would be better to be used for vegan or simulated leather. The current popular fabric has the disadvantage of degradation because it contains polyurethane, so it would be wonderful if SOLOTEX®, which is less prone to degradation, could make up for that disadvantage. It is more likely that real leather will be difficult to use in the future, so if a thicker one with a premium look and feel could be created, I think we will see huge demand.


I think the remarkable aspect of SOLOTEX® is that you can definitely realize how good it is when touching it with your hand, putting it on, and using it for a long period of time. In addition, it is applicable to a wide range of uses from reasonable items to high-quality ones by combining high-grade textiles with latest technology.


I think SOLOTEX® has the potential for becoming an indispensable material for daily living in the future, so I am continuously looking forward to ways to use this material.