2021.03.17 Wed

Integrating tasteful texture with functionality, Marzotto with SOLOTEX fits the remote working era

Established in 1836, the Marzotto company affiliates with many prestigious textile manufacturers in Italy. This well-established historic company partnered with Teijin Frontier in the spring-summer season of 2021 to release Marzotto with SOLOTEX®, a textile combining tradition and innovation by blending SOLOTEX® with Marzotto’s textiles.

Using Marzotto with SOLOTEX® took three years to complete if the preparation period is included, and famous brands created their own items. Those items are sold in stores in Ginza and Marunouchi as “Be ginza,” and they are also featured in the magazine Begin.

As a brand that has a reputation for dressy casual wear, Edifice created two types of suits using Marzotto with SOLOTEX. We interviewed Mr. Kazuma Wada, the MD of Edifice who was familiar with the fields of fashion from trad one to mode one, to hear his thoughts on the items worked on for the project.


The labels of Edifice had primarily used SOLOTEX® for various items. What led you to use SOLOTEX® developed jointly with Marzotto in this project?

We received an offer for this project from Teijin Frontier (hereinafter referred to as Teijin): “We have a textile like this, so how about trying it?” We knew Marzotto was one of the most prestigious textile manufacturers with a long history in Italy. Hearing that Marzotto worked with Teijin to produce wool blended with SOLOTEX®, we were quite surprised to be honest.

What was your impression when you actually picked up the textile or the items?

I simply felt that it was nice. It is not rough on the skin, which is different from typical wool-synthetic fiber blends, and is tasteful to the touch. It is thin, but a sense of fullness is also felt, which is good, too. So, it seemed to have good chemistry with Edifice, which specialized in dressy casual wear.

The items using Marzotto with SOLOTEX are sold at the Marunouchi shop. Are there any trends in the customers who visit the shop?

Dressy wear sells the most at the Marunouchi shop, and many customers are adults in their 30s to 60s. Honestly, many of those who are older and have a good fashion sense seem reluctant to wear items made of chemical textiles. However, remote work opportunities are likely to increase in the future, it is very meaningful to offer items using Marzotto with SOLOTEX, which is comfortable to wear while using high-quality materials.

We know that you created two types of jackets and pants using two types of the Marzotto with SOLOTEX textile. What did you keep in your mind in designing them?

Marzotto with SOLOTEX, which was jointly developed by a time-honored Italian manufacture Marzotto and Teijin, which leads Japan with its highly advanced technological capabilities, is a material with a novel feel that offers both comfort and ease of handling despite the fine classic appearance. In order to respond to the spirit of Teijin, which developed the textile, we felt that we would like to offer a new style of business wear designed from scratch.

Since this textile had an elegant shine, a draping property, and a specific look, we designed items based on the thought that we would be able to create items appropriate for this era when high-quality, basic and comfortable wear should be needed by incorporating only what was indispensable while removing other elements as much as possible that were not essential.

Let us know about the textiles and details of the items.

First, the jacket and pants have a check pattern. The textile has a beige brown, gray, and black check pattern, which is classic but offers a youthful look because the check is relatively small. In order to make the most of the textile, we designed the items with a balance between the relaxed feel and usefulness for remote work.

The buttonless shacket, which looks like a shirt or a jacket, has a larger front upper collar, so it also looks like an open-necked shirt. It appears to be very casual, but in fact, the facing is perfectly applied, and inside pockets are added. Because of these specifications, the jacket is tailored for a three-dimensional and a beautifully flowing appearance when worn.

The pants are made of the same textile for a loose-fitting silhouette that is tapered gradually. The front design is normal, but the back is shirred and so you can put them on and be comfortable.

These khaki jacket and pants are elegant and have a casual feel.

This shirt is designed in the motif of a CPO shirt, one of the typical casual items. Though a normal CPO shirt has a looser silhouette, this one has a standard silhouette to match the dressy textile. The actual shirt has a larger chest pocket than this sample, which makes this shirt modern further.

The easy pants are made of the same textile for a roomy silhouette. Since they are also gradually tapered, they fit comfortably, and so I think anyone can wear them regardless of age. If you tuck in the shirt, you can also enjoy a jumpsuit style.

If you select the items made of the same textile, you can wear them as a co-ord, and you can also enjoy the interchangeability between the check item and the khaki item.

These items were to be designed for the “Be ginza” project of the magazine Begin, so we sought what feeling would be specific to Begin. As just the material of Marzotto with SOLOTEX has an enough presence, it was the right decision to create them in a simple way.

Do you have any ideas that you would like to try using the technology of SOLOTEX® in the future? Or do you have any requests for TEIJIN’s textiles?

This project was a collaboration with Marzotto, so we would like to use SOLOTEX® blended with other textiles of other manufacturers, too.

In the case of using a 100% natural material, we have to consider the properties first of all, and it is difficult to seek ones of higher quality than those currently available. By blending SOLOTEX®, we can add functionality to the premium feel.