2021.03.10 Wed

Ships based in Ginza and Marzotto with SOLOTEX utilized by the brand as material that integrates a tasteful texture with functionality

Established in 1836, the Marzotto company affiliates with many prestigious textile manufacturers in Italy. This well-established historic company partnered with Teijin Frontier in the spring-summer season of 2021 to release Marzotto with SOLOTEX®, a textile combining tradition and innovation by blending SOLOTEX® with Marzotto’s textiles.

Using Marzotto with SOLOTEX took three years to complete if the preparation period is included, and famous brands created their own items. Those items are sold in stores in Ginza and Marunouchi as “Be ginza,” and they are also featured in the magazine Begin.

Ships, which has its main shop located in Ginza and many highly aesthetic clients there, created jackets, shirts, and pants using Marzotto with SOLOTEX. Do highly aesthetic customers in Ginza accept this textile? We asked Mr. Tomoharu Akiyama, who was engaged in product development as chief of the Product Section, about that.


Please tell us what led you to the creation of items using Marzotto with SOLOTEX for this event.

For Ships, the first shop that opened in Ginza in 1977 is the current main shop. So, we place great importance on Ginza and have a special feeling for it.

Recently, however, Ginza has been losing momentum somewhat. We thought what we could do as a brand, when we heard about the project of “Be ginza,” which was to utilize the textile Marzotto with SOLOTEX from a person in Teijin Frontier (hereinafter referred to as Teijin).

What was your impression of Marzotto?

We know that Marzotto is a manufacturer affiliated with many historical mills and supplies basic and high-quality textiles worldwide. I also know that this company often uses wool from contract ranches.

Such manufacturers, even if they use materials from other companies, are not likely to highlight them. Therefore, I was genuinely surprised that items were offered with the Marzotto with SOLOTEX tag for this project.


What was your impression when you actually picked up the textile of Marzotto with SOLOTEX and items made of it?

I felt that a reliable textile with the nice appearance of natural wool was developed. Since we continued to make clothes using different textiles, we can evaluate the properties of a textile, including durability and shape retention, by feel. The feeling was only achieved by the functionality of SOLOTEX® added to the high-quality material of Marzotto as a base.

Are there any trends in the customers who come to Ginza?

I personally worked at the Ginza shop in the past, and many of the customers in Ginza have their own peculiar taste for everything, not just clothing. There are many experienced salespersons in Ginza, so it is not uncommon for a salesperson to be assigned to each customer.

On the other hand, there are also many customers who buy our items because they like them after hearing our story from our staff. Ginza is a town where high-quality items like Marzotto with SOLOTEX are valued highly.

Please let us know about the textiles and details of your items.

The simple glen plaid was just made into a tailored suit. In order to give it a casual feel, patched pockets were used, and a chest pocket was not included.

In order to make it as light as possible while making the most of the characteristics of the textile, there is no lining in the sleeves, and the shoulder pads are not used. Only a thin interlining is used in order to retain the beautiful shape.

The pants are relaxed fit. Since they are moderately stretchy, you will be comfortable in the pants. Because they have belt loops, it is also nice that they look like slacks.

The plain navy suit has a more casual feel.

The top is an open-necked tropical shirt-like blouson. A fine plain-woven fabric is difficult to make into a shape, but Marzotto with SOLOTEX is quite firm, and so we made the folded part of the collar and the pockets with some thickness beautiful.

The shape of the pants is the same as that of the glen plaid pants, so they may be good to enjoy mix and match suits.

Do you have any ideas that you would like to try using the technology of SOLOTEX® in the future?

We would like to create an authentic business suit with textiles that blend glossy fabric made in Italy and SOLOTEX®. We would be happy if customers found it light and comfortable to wear and easy to care for after their purchase and  that they feel the look and texture are nice.