2020.03.09 Mon

SOLOTEX®, the hybrid fibrous material enhances Gramicci’s performance SOLOTEX®, the hybrid fibrous material enhances Gramicci’s performance

In 1982, Gramicci was established in Californica, USA, by Mike Graham, a rock climber who wanted to create climbing wear based on his experience. The iconic details of the clothing, including a gusseted crotch for creating freedom of movement for the feet and a webbing belt that was adjustable with one hand, enjoyed popularity even in urban locations 

The brand launched the Performance Line in 2019 to refocus on climbing as its origin by offering more functional wear and other clothing items using modern technologies. 

The particular feature of the Performance Line is a hybrid fabric combining the water-repellent textile RECTASTM, which mimics lotus leaves, with the stretchy and shape-stable fiber SOLOTEX®. We asked about the reason for the feature as well as the new collection for spring-summer 2020.  


Please tell us about the Gramicci Performance Line that launched in the fall and winter seasons of 2019.

Gramicci has been favorably accepted not only as rock-climbing wear but as lifestyle wear because of such features as the gusseted crotch and included web belt, the simple but sophisticated silhouettes, and the use of natural materials.  

In this context, Gramicci’s Performance Line creates items that capitalize on its unique details and use modern functional materials based on the concept developed at the time of the brand’s establishment and inspired by the atmosphere of climbers who confront nature freely. 


Mr. Satoshi Yamane, also known as the director of F/CE®, supervises

We decided to work with Mr. Yamane in order to make the Performance Line attractive not only in the authentic outdoor scenes, including climbing, but also in urban scenes because he also specialized in the fashion mode.  


Please tell us the reason for adopting SOLOTEX® for the Performance Line.

In deciding on the material, our brand focused on the primary properties of SOLOTEX®, including form stability and stretchiness, as well as the property of enhancing the functionality of the material while maintaining compatibility with other natural fibers like cotton. In addition, the beautiful coloring is very appealing. We think we can produce the yellow color very vividly with no dullness for a variety of items for spring-summer 2020. 


We understand that the SOLOTEX® used in the Performance Line is a hybrid material that is more functional than ever before. What functions have been added?

Water repellency is strengthened with microscopic ruggedness on the surface of the fabric, which was taken from the property of lotus leaves. Though we do not introduce it at this time, the material is also used for basic T-shirts and other clothing. 

This RECTAS Big Flap Jacket is impressive with its pocket design.

The large flaps are not only a design element but also provide ventilation to control the body temperature by opening and closing. In addition, the flaps prevent water from entering the pockets. The armholes are larger to adapt to different activities. The details created by laser punching followed by pressure bonding are also impressive. 

These RECTAS Chuckwalla Shorts and Pants have characteristic pockets as well.

These follow the form of Gramicci’s most typical NN pants with a tapered silhouette that is slimmer around the cuffs but roomy in the waist, while the large-capacity pockets are distinctive. By using hybrid SOLOTEX® with the special textile structure and waterrepellent finish, the shorts and pants are water resistant. 

The RECTAS Drawstring Bag is convenient for carrying a smartphone, wallet, and other small items.

The motif of this bag is a chalk bag to hold the climbing chalk used to grip the rock. With its detachable strap, this bag can be used like a sacoche. The draw-cord is one of the features of the design. Nicely made for ease of use, the bag was designed on the assumption that it could be attached to the pants using a carabiner like a climber.  

Many of Gramicci’s pants are specially ordered by select shops and use SOLOTEX®, which is gaining popularity. Please analyze the reasons from the brand’s perspective.

Our main advantage may lie in a silhouette that combines mobility and beauty, which has been improved since the brand’s establishment, and the existence of the iconic details of a gusseted crotch and web belt. Another advantage is that we offer items with added functions through the use of SOLOTEX®, such as Urban Research offering water-repellent items and Journal Standard relume offering quick-drying items. In addition, items released in collaboration with Ships and United Arrows green label relaxing are becoming popular. Because all the select shops have their own brands and are dedicated to their offerings, we are very inspired by our collaboration with them. 


Please tell us about the items that you would like to create using SOLOTEX® in the future.

We would like to offer a variety of styles of Gramicci in both our Performance Line and Inline, and we think SOLOTEX® is indispensable as a material to achieve that. 

For the Performance Line, we would like to offer a new style of Gramicci using highly functional SOLOTEX® with its high form stability, stretchiness, and water repellant finish; on the other hand, we want to produce items with enhanced functionality while maintaining the appearance specific to natural materials by using SOLOTEX® combined with natural fibers like cotton in order to meet the needs of users who want the authentic Gramicci, which has been maintained since the 80s. We hope to evolve Gramicci in this way.